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IMOBILE's Flying C1000 phone / PDA / PMP / watch


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You wouldn't think you'd be able to fit a GSM phone, PDA (with stylus), and regular old "watch" functions into into a "stylish" package like the IMOBILE Flying C1000... but you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. Feast your eyes on the latest and greatest wrist-related marvel out of China -- a tiny phone with a touchscreen, Bluetooth support, 60MB of RAM, a video / audio player, a mini USB jack, and possibly a camera (though it's quite hard to tell from the photos). The watch seems to share at least guts (if not design) with SMS Technology's M500, and of course we've seen phone watches and PMP watches, but never before has it all been pulled together in such an "attractive" package. The C1000 also appears to be both 2G- and 3G-ready, thus allowing you to browse large, image-heavy webpages on the tiniest screen ever made. No word on price and availability, but you can be sure the Engadget staff is doing everything possible to get the team equipped with these.

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