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Captain Blackbeard's favorite piratical quests

Mike Schramm

Yarrr maties! It be me, ol' Cap'n Blackbeard, here ta tell ya about some of of me favorite quests in Azeroth! What, ye don't think us pirates are noble enough t'go on quests? Well, ye're right-- obeying is for landlubbin' scallywags. But we'll do anything to get piratey treasure, so occasionally yer pirate captain assists in a quest or two in between his normal piratical duties (those being combing his luxurious black beard, and makin' landlubbers walk the plank).

And when that happens, it's only best pirate quests for your blackbearded leader! Here's my favorite pirate quests in the game, in no particular order, ye scurvy-ridden dogs!

Pirate Hats Ahoy! Pirate hats ahoy is right! There's no bigger humiliation to a pirate than stealin' 'is hat, and those Southsea scallywags are askin' fer it! Go to Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris at level 40, and talk to Haughty Modiste-- she'll send you south to a secret pirate cove where it'll be time for fisticuffs! And don't forget to grab Southsea Shakedown while you're there, too-- you'll need to kill the same lubbers for that one.

Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
The ocean, she's a mean mistress, and ye can't know Davy Jones' locker until ye been down in it, fightin' fer yer life! At level 12 in Darkshore (at Auberdine), Gorbold Steelhand will send ye on the hardest journey ye've ever seen-- some say the hardest in the game! I don't know what ye mongrels are caterwhalin' about. Just swim down there and get the chests! And when you get back, scrub the deck until yer cap'n can see his handsome face in it! Finish the job or get fed to the kraken!

Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rudders Yarrrrrr, the ocean is a sailor's first love, but his second love is the grace of the Ghostlands, Captain Kelisendra. And boy does she have a pair of rudders-- don't yer captain knows it! Kill the murlocs on the western coast of Eversong Woods until they drop her lost rudders, and return them to her for a nice reward.

Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure Ay, lads. Nothin' makes a pirate more happy than a goose chase for long lost treasure. Sometimes, yer captain Blackbeard will get soused on ale, and bury treasure somewhere just so he can find it later! But that's beside the point-- Cap'n Sanders in Westfall is looking for his treasure, and if you're level 10, you might be able to find the map to it by killing the Murlocs on the western coast there.

Cortello's Riddle Yaarrrr, and if ye liked that treasure hunt, ye'll love this one! The only drawback is that ye'll have to kill the Bloodsail Buccaneers t'get the starter note, and as you'll have noticed, Cap'n Blackbeard loves the Bloodsails-- stay away from any quests involvin' 'em! But if ye do choose to visit their ships on the south of Stranglethorn Vale, ye might find a scroll that leads you on a chase all over the world for Cortello's treasure! Yer Cap'n weren't exactly smart enough to figure it all out, but that's why he employs nerdy thinkin' pirates like yerselves! Go to!

The Captain's Chest Of all the pirates in Azeroth, ol' Captain Smotts is Blackbeard's least favorite. We were roommates at piratin' school, and though he stole Kelisendra away from me during the third year navigation exercises, I got 'm back by telling the Sea Giant Gorlash where 'e could get a new snuffbox-- by using Smotts' chest! Whatever ye do, don't get a group together and go kill Gorlash. That Smotts is not to be trusted! On the other hand, no pirate is! Ah, ye scurvy landlubbers, yer backstabbers after me own heart!

There ye have it, ye sorry bilge-rats! If ye're looking for a bit o' piratical fun this Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye can find it all over Azeroth! Now if ye'll excuse me, Cookie tells me the ham is done and ready for eatin'. To the galley, buckos! Time for a feast!

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