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Famitsu gives Halo 3 a 37/40


The latest Famitsu review scores state that Halo 3 received a 37/40 from the venerable magazine's editors. The actual breakdown is 9/9/9/10. Does that mean the game will help sell the system which continues to struggle in Japan? Probably not, but it could be a harbinger of high scores from media outlets in the States. Most of whom have finished the game at this point and are just waiting for the embargo on the scores to be lifted.

1Up reports that Famitsu said, "There are many checkpoints and it is easy to retry the game ... more accessible to FPS beginners ... Halo 3 is undoubtedly the best FPS game in the Japanese console market." We're just curious to know if it had been more appropriate for the Halo 3 tagline to have been something instead of "Finish the Fight" in Japan. Maybe Microsoft could have marketed it as: "Come try the fight."

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