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GameTap gets Typing of the Dead in October


Although we know we shouldn't be excited about this, we can't help but get a little giddy at knowing Typing of the Dead is coming to GameTap Oct. 11. If you haven't experienced the joy of learning to type (or getting in a little practice) while killing zombies and other grotesque creatures, than we highly recommend you try it out some time. Now we just need that sequel to come out. There is still no word on the Typing of the Dead 2 North American release.

There is a list of some other interesting games on the horizon for GameTap, but another game that certainly jumps out is Wing Commander II. Who wasn't upset when Spirit died? Tragedy. The only thing more tragic is that we haven't had a new real Wing Commander in ages -- and Project Sylpheed just didn't cut it. We want evil space kitties to shoot down in epic next-gen battles!

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