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TGS07: Virtually at Sony's pre-TGS cocktail party

Jem Alexander

Where else would Sony host their pre-TGS cocktail party but at their Corporate Headquarters in Shinagawa? Sony opened their doors to the non-Japanese media today for the first time and we got to see what their lavishly over the top interior designers have done with the place. The room was full of journalists, Sony executives (from both sides of the pond - SCEI were surprisingly absent) and more food and drink than you could shake a stick at. Trust us, we tried.

Check out the gallery below to see the huge screens that showed off Sony's multiple first party trailers as well as the smaller screens which allowed us another wee glimpse into those upcoming 2007 games (for the upteenth time). There were people there too, apparently.

Gallery: TGS07 Sony Cocktail Party | 13 Photos

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