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There, in the distance, is a Yakuza 3 trailer

Justin McElroy

How long will it be until you get to play Yakuza 3? Well, let's see, when did Yakuza 2 come out here? ... Oh, that's right. It hasn't. So, you're at least one game away from getting your hands on Yakuza 3. Until this new trailer from TGS, that didn't seem like that big of a deal. Like rocket sneakers, we knew it was on the way, but it was so far off that we weren't troubled. Now, to continue the analogy, our rich neighbor just imported a pair.

Maybe it's just us, be we love games with samurais and old men stopping swords with two fingers. So to say that we're intrigued by this trailer would be putting in mildly. Also, why is Yakuza in feudal Japan? The last time we checked it was about urban gangsters. If Yakuza 2 features some sort of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III time travel hi-jinx we just got even angrier that we haven't played it.

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