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One final level cap increase before CoD 4 beta ends

Dustin Burg

Hey fellow Call of Duty 4 beta players, it's time to get excited once again, because the beta is getting one final level cap increase before it ends.

Infinity Ward's own Fourzerotwo confirmed on his blog that on September 28th the CoD 4 beta level cap will increase from 16 to a rank of 25 allowing players to earn some new weapons (G3, M60E4 and Dragunov) and some new perks (Claymore X2, Slight of Hand and Martyrdom) along the way. But everything isn't peaches and cream come September 28th, because Fourzerotwo also confirmed our suspicion and announced that the CoD 4 beta will end on September 30th. This of course means you'll have only a few days to experience ranks 17 through 25, which will also require you to put down Halo 3. And we're thinking putting down Halo 3 will be a difficult task on its own, but you're a brave soldier and we trust that you'll make the right decision when the time comes.

[Thanks, Sadistik Roth]

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