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GameStop's not ruling out AO-rated games

Justin McElroy

The fact that you (likely) don't own any AO (Adults Only)-rated games is, in part, the product of a vicious circle. Gamestop doesn't sell the games because companies don't make the games because Gamestop doesn't sell the games is a simplified version of the formula. But, to hear GameStop merchandising vice president Bob McKenzie tell it to Gamasutra, the company wouldn't be against them if the situation was right.

When asked about the recent Manhunt 2 rerating McKenzine said, "I think that it is an opportunity that we would have to look at on a case-by-case. In this situation, I'm glad that they went back, reworked it, and it will be M rated. I can't say that we would have supported it at AO, and I can't say that we won't."

Gamasutra went on to point out that though AO is still on the fringe, there's no telling how large of a role it could eventually play in the market, a point McKenzie agreed with, saying, "We see the opportunity, and we like it. Again, for me, I am glad that it's there. You don't know all of the games, and their reasons, whether it's language or violence or nudity within the game, they all have their points for being." It's at least a glimmer of hope for those who'd like to eventually see a video game industry with more diversity ... or those who find it hard to slake their unquenchable thirst for electronic pornography. Either way, it's heartening.

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