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MS offers free replacements for scratched Halo 3 discs

Kyle Orland

Well that was fast. Microsoft is already offering free replacement for Halo 3 discs scratched by shoddy limited edition packaging. Consumers who send in their damaged discs along with a disc replacement form by Dec. 31 will receive pristine new discs within two weeks, according to The Halo 3 limited edition replacement waives the usual $20 fee charged to replace other scratched, Microsoft-published discs under a program started back in April.

"We have identified that there are some instances of blemishes on discs as a result of the packaging," Microsoft spokesman David Dennis told an AP reporter. "This is a small fraction of the total number of Halo 3 games shipped and sold, and is a limited production version of the game."

In most cases reported so far the scratches appear to be cosmetic and don't impact regular functioning of the game. Still, premium edition purchasers can rightly expect an unblemished disc for their extra money and it's nice of Microsoft to recognize this. Then again, that two week wait could be a killer for gamers who have already waited so long for some Halo 3 action. Reminds us a bit of another time-consuming Microsoft problem.

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