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AT&T's HSUPA upgrade just around the corner

Chris Ziegler

Richard Burns, AT&T's president of wireless network services, has revealed some key stats and plans for the company's 3G network -- not a topic of much interest for iPhone owners, granted, but he says those folks think the EDGE experience is "great" anyway (whatever). The number of market areas covered by its HSDPA network should touch the 200 mark by the end of this year, and while AT&T won't succeed in upgrading its entire network to 3G by the end of 2008, Mr. Burns says that the build-out will continue throughout the year in order of data demand, which we take to mean that the most rural of rural areas are still going to be plumb out of luck here. Perhaps more interestingly, though, he revealed that the planned upgrade to HSUPA is well underway, with coverage going live in the next couple months. Of course, that means new data modems are gonna be necessary to take advantage, but if hosting a website from a park bench is a priority for you, it could very well be worth the cost of admission.

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