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Halo 3: campaign scoring and you


So, we've all managed to plow through the Halo 3 campaign now, right? After all, the game has been available for more than 24 hours, so everyone should have beaten it by now, all of its secrets laid bare. Good, because now it's time to delve into campaign scoring. A brand new feature in Halo 3, campaign scoring helps players net achievements and find a way to compete with their friends even during cooperative play (as if Team Slayer wasn't enough?). has posted a campaign scoring guide to help players get the most out of the feature. For those that have been wondering how many points each Grunt, Brute, and Jackal are worth, the guide is the place to find out. Not only that, but the guide explains difficulty multipliers (i.e. kills are worth more on Heroic than on Normal), style multipliers, and Halo skulls. By the way, the guide contains spoilers, so those still avoiding them had best look away. The rest of us, however, can get the most out of campaign scoring using the guide.

Oh, the guide also gives a few "tips" on how to maximize your individual score at the expense of others. Our favorite: melee your teammate as he charges into the fray. This will drop his shields. By the time he softens up the enemies, he'll probably be dead, leaving them all for you. Hello multikill bonus!

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