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The Wall Street Journal talks format war

Steven Kim

We've talked the HD DVD / Blu-ray format war to death, using everything from officious study group findings to our own gorilla guerilla tactics. But you know that a topic has reached a mainstream public level when it shows up in the Wall Street Journal. Let's face it -- to the mass of consumers that will decide which format (if either) wins this war, the WSJ carries a lot more weight than enthusiast-oriented media. There's nothing new in the link for regular readers of EHD, but it does a good job of summarizing the quagmire that is the format war. HDTV sales are up, so you know consumers want HD, but people aren't picking up HD players. There are lots of issues at play, but the end result is that consumers aren't getting what they want. Take a deep breath and check out the link to see how this mess is portrayed to the pulic-at-large.

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