NPD Group reports on HD disc format adoption

The NPD Group released results from a HDTV owner survey that showed even though 52% of respondents were aware that HD disc players were available, only 11% planned on buying one in the next six months. It turns out that most people are happy with their standard DVD players and unhappy with the price of the HD units (62% waiting for prices to fall). Even though respondents were more aware of HD DVD than Blu-ray (29% vs. 20%), it's not a glowing outcome for fewer than 1-in-3 owners of HDTV's to not know about these formats by name. NPD offered a couple bits of advice to the industry that we can get behind -- tell people about the advantages of HD discs over DVD, and put more titles out in the marketplace. The respondents who have an HD player in their homes plan on replacing almost one quarter of their DVD library with the new HD format.