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Gateway One gets official


With yesterday's leak, Gateway's press conference was a bit short on surprise this morning, but the Gateway One is indeed official, and it really doesn't look half bad. The one mystery left was the screen, which turns out to be a 1400 x 900 19-incher, which feels a bit small in this day and age, but leaves the One's footprint at an acceptable size. Other niceties include dual easy-swap hard drive slots accessed by lifting off the back cover of the computer, and adjustable tilt through a stand in the back. The included mouse, keyboard and remote are all wireless and pre-synced with the computer, while the web-cam is a USB add-on accessory which comes in the box and can be perched up top, and the top-end One comes with a USB TV tuner as well. Otherwise the specs are as expected, with prices ranging from $1,300 to $1,800 and late October availability. Check out our gallery for some in the wild pictures.

Gallery: Gateway One gets official | 20 Photos

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