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Path Finder 4.8 to bring per-folder settings

Mat Lu

Over at the Cocoatech blog they've announced that the forthcoming version 4.8 of Path Finder will finally have one of the most long-requested features: per-folder settings. Basically what this means is that Path Finder will remember particular view settings (e.g. icon, list, column, etc.) for different folders. So you could keep your ~/Pictures folder in icon view, your ~/Documents folder in list view, and your ~/Music folder in column view and it would automatically remember your preferred view whenever you navigate to that folder in Path Finder. All of these preferences are stored in Core Data and thus Path Finder does not leave annoying hidden files (like the Finder's .DS_Store) in the file system.

In addition, the 4.8 upgrade will bring interface improvements to move closer to the Unified style that is becoming de rigueur for new Mac applications. The 4.8 update is supposed to be available "very soon" and will be free to registered users of Path Finder 4.

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