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Wii Projector does not inspire confidence


Okay, we'll start with the good news: this projector, while compatible with everything with an A/V out, was designed with the Wii in mind. It even includes a Wii composite cable in the package. And it's white, which is the universal sign of "this thing is made for the iPod Wii"

The bad news (which sounds like good news at first): this projector is cheap. We appreciate it when things are inexpensive, but $170 is suspiciously cheap for a projector. Even one that doesn't display in HD. Of course, we aren't sure we'd trust sensitive equipment like this from the same company that brought us the dashboard sensor bar stand at any price.

According to the website, it displays in a resolution of 960*234, which is definitely a mistake of some kind. We hope it's a mistake in the product description and not in the product design. Check after the break for a screenshot from Ghost Squad, resized to 960*234. We didn't use a widescreen game for this exercise, but at a vertical resolution of 234 pixels, it wouldn't be much better.

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