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Evidence of new Xbox 360 holiday bundles

Dustin Burg

We just received a tip and the image above via electronic mail which help to prove that Microsoft is indeed planning on releasing three new Xbox 360 offerings this holiday season.

The image posted above is a screen-grab from what looks to be Best Buy's corporate SKU finder program showcasing three new holiday offerings: Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle, Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle and the Xbox 360 Arcade. This of course directly relates to the bundle rumors we've been hearing new console SKUs hitting store shelves in time for holiday fun. So, if we were the betting types, we'd be on the lookout for some Forza 2 / Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle action later this month with the Arcade 360 possibly kicking the Core to the curb. Holiday bundles FTW!

[Thanks, Jill]

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