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The Ultimate Halo 3 Setup giveaway winner is ...

Dustin Burg

Can we just take a moment to say ... wow, wow, crazy garsh darn WOW! The response and amount of entries into our Ultimate Halo 3 Setup giveaway were astronomically high and were above and beyond anything we expected. With over 32,000 comment entries during the course of a week it's a testament to how the X3F community has grown and a testament to how much you guys love free stuff. So, thanks for entering, thanks for supporting the site and thanks for the kind words ... you guys rock!

But now onto what everybody has been waiting for, the announcement of the single winning fanboy who is taking home a 50" 1080p television, a Bose surround sound system and a new Xbox 360 Elite. We take great pride in announcing that the winner of the X3F Ultimate Halo 3 Setup giveaway is none other than ::drum roll:: Darayz! Congratulations Darayz, you just won the largest X3F fanswag giveaway ever! Enjoy.

Again, thanks fellow fanboys for your continued support and we promise to be giving away more goods in the near future. Now you can proceed to complain about how much you wish you would have won or take the high road and congratulate Darayz. Bye now, X3F out ...

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