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WoW collectibles previewed by IGN


When the word "collectibles" comes in to play, the first thing that comes to my mind is those Precious Memories figurines that my Grandmother collected. However, I think that you'll find these World of Warcraft collect ables (they're not action figures -- they're designed to look awesome, not move around) produced by DC Direct to be much more appealing. They're incredibly detailed figures for which IGN's preview has nothing but praise:

What impressed us the most were some of the finer details like the ritual scarring on the orc's chest or the blood on his fangs. DC was very careful to incorporate a strong level of "grit", ensuring that the figure has a strong degree of realism and avoiding the "fake toy" look that can plague a collectible. Other details like the eyes, mouth interior and clothing texture really help seal the deal.

IGN has a great photo gallery if you want to check out these things for yourself and DC's page has a nice collection of pictures to flip through, as well. Series 1 of these figures should find their way to a store near you starting on October 24th, while Series 2 (including the figure to the right) won't be out until Feburary 2008.

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