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Halo DS plot thickened by video footage


Just as the plot is thickening, you may find the reported cancellation of Halo DS particularly sickening. IGN Nintendo editor-in-chief, Matt Cassamassina, has updated his personal blog with footage of what appears to be the near-mythical portable version of Bungie's ludicrously popular sci-fi shooter. Halo DS is seen sporting the franchise's familiar cyborg, weapons, theme music and a cute logo that should prevent anyone from pronouncing it "Halods" (which sounds like a terribly debilitating gum disease).

If you still believe this to be an elaborate, attention-grabbing fake, feel free to watch an additional video on Cassamassina's blog and post a reply to a comment by IGN's Mark Bozon, who eloquently challenges you to "Call BS on that, bitches."

[Thanks, Squeekyclean]

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