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Mac Lover: Bringing Mac love to your Facebook Profile

Nik Fletcher

If you're on Facebook, you're likely aware of the plentiful Apple-related groups you can join (as if discussions in the comments here at TUAW and other sites weren't enough). Of course, there's more recently been the ability to add 'Applications' to your Facebook Profile, and that's where Mac Lover comes in. File it under 'wacky' or 'for the fanboys' if you will, Mac Lover (Facebook login & account required) allows you to show your geek pride and show off your Apple kit collection directly within your Facebook profile - and allows you to organize it with Apple style too.

Featuring some slick and snazzy Apple-esque effects, you simply build up an iWant and iHave list and then save it to add it to your Profile. There's also a forthcoming feature to 'Give your friend a Mac' (and offer contacts an electronic 'glass of ice water to people in hell' if you will) to send your friends the iMac you've always wanted to give them, if not been able to afford. Whilst there's a good selection of Apple products to add (including Newtons, Software, Peripherals and truly old-skool Macs) the latest iPods are sadly missing in action for now.

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