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The Helio Drift is dead, long live the Mysto?

Chris Ziegler

The Drift was a groundbreaking device for Helio -- its first to be sourced from Samsung, its first to integrate GPS, and its first slider that didn't look like death -- so we'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't say we were getting just a little emotional over the news that it's been pulled from Helio's site. That's right, the Drift is no more, leaving just the Heat behind to rep the form factor in Helio's lineup. So what's next? The 'nets are abuzz with talk of the Samsung SPH-A523, a handset that passed through the FCC not long ago, is apparently destined for the MVNO, and is said to resemble Samsung's beautiful Ultra Edition 10.9. On a related note, Helio has recently filed for a trademark on the name "Mysto," continuing the surf-themed naming convention (a "mysto spot" is apparently a rare, difficult to find break that typically occurs offshore) -- and while we don't know that the A523 will be called the Mysto, it seems like a good fit. We'll pass along more info as we get it.

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