Samsung's Ultra Edition 10.9 to oust D900 as "world's slimmest slider"

Witnessing the dethroning of one crown thanks to a determined competitor is anything but surprising, but it seems that Samsung is ousting one of its own in order to make room for a newer champion, as the Ultra Edition 10.9 takes over where the D900 left off as the "world's thinnest slider." Continuing on Samsung's recent infatuation with creating increasingly slim mobiles, the 10.9's biggest feature is its ultrathin frame, as the spec list really doesn't deviate from what we found on the previous title holder. Onboard, you'll find a 3.2-megapixel camera, MP3 / video playback, Bluetooth, video output, 80MB of internal memory, and a built-in microSD slot for loading up additional media. Little more is known about the 10.9 as of now, but just about every detail you could need should be divulged during the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona next month.

[Via Unwired View]