FCC smiles upon Samsung SGH-D900, world's thinnest slider

If the true measure of a company was the thickness of its products, Samsung would have a lock on the title. Besides the "world's thinnest phone" -- the SGH-X820 that you can virtually hide by turning it on its side -- our South Korean friends are rocking the "world's thinnest slider" as well in the SGH-D900. Apparently, the FCC is cool with that, as they've just given the thumbs-up for the D900 stateside. The phone manages to pack in some reasonable specs despite its size, bringing a QVGA display, 3.13 megapixel camera, A2DP, 80MB flash, and MicroSD expansion to the table. Most importantly for our US readers, this is a quad-band EDGE phone, meaning there might be some actual weight to the FCC grant for a change of pace.

[Via Unwired View]