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Brewfest tips, tricks and total tickets

Dan O'Halloran

As Blizzard hotfixes the broken Brewfest quests (Pink Elekks is hotfixed already), Community Manager Drysc has been posting with helpful information for holiday participants. Player Rizz wanted to know how many tickets she could acquire in one day. Drysc's estimate:

15 tickets from "Bark for the Barleybrews!"
Twice a day (every twelve hours) you can do the "There and Back again" repeatable quest, 2 tickets each barrel, you might average 20 tickets? I'm not sure if there's an actual maximum but I do know you can't go forever.
Then every hour on the half hour you can get up to 25 tickets with the Dark Iron attacks.

So theoretically if you do everything you possibly could in a day and got the ticket amounts listed above: 355

This of course doesn't count any of the one-off quests.

Then Drysc responded in a separate thread with some helpful tips on finishing certain Brewfest quests:

  • When doing the Barker quest, you can drop your ram after the fourth flag and use your epic mount to get back to the quest giver much faster. This allows you to push your ram harder since you won't have to ride him for as long.
  • The keg delivery quest can be completed every 12 hours. It's not a daily quest.
You must be on your ram while you pass the flags for the quest to update. Only dismount after the fourth flag. If you're short on time, and playing an Alliance Toon, you can always jump off the cliff outside Ironforge instead of heading back down the road to get back to the camp faster.

Finally, an enterprising player drew a map of the fastest route to take in Ironforge. I hope Image Shack can handle the load.

Do any of you have any other tips or tricks to help out your fellow revelers?

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