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    Sony's Cyber-shot T200 gets its first review


    You may remember Sony's new Cyber-shot T200 from way back at IFA, where we had the great and terrible pleasure of getting our grubby mitts all over it. Well, CNET Asia has gotten their mitts on the device for a thorough review, and we thought we'd bring you the many, many highlights. Overall, they seem to like the design, but aren't crazy about the loss of some buttons, which they say makes the camera feel a little cramped, though the large, 3.5-inch touchscreen display makes up for it. The camera's smile detection -- which is one of its more novel features -- is reported to be inaccurate and touchy, and the speed of startup and first shot on the T200 apparently leaves something to be desired. CNET says that the camera's image quality is "decent," but that they detected noise at ISO 400, and anything past ISO 800 was a nasty mess. Overall, they're not in love, but they do seem to be feeling a strong "like." Browse on over and catch the whole review.

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