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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite city

Mike Schramm

Easy one today: what's your favorite city in the World of Warcraft? Even though I'm Horde through and through, I have to say I really love Darnassus. It was the first "big city" I encountered in the game, and at the time I didn't even know places like Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Ironforge existed. It's fairly simple to navigate, and the huge buildings and floaty forest atmosphere-- especially the Temple of Elune-- make the whole place uniquely magical. It's a shame that it's off the beaten path, because it really is a great city.

And while I know it's probably the first city a lot of people think of, Shattrath is a cool city, too. I don't think it's actually my favorite city, but on the first night I ever played Burning Crusade, I remember cresting the hill from Zangarmarsh, seeing that big pillar of light coming out of the center of Shattrath, and realizing I was finally playing something new in WoW. I can only hope that seeing Dalaran in Northrend lives up to the experience.

And by city, I don't just mean huge metropolis, either-- I really like Sun Rock Retreat, and visiting Freewind Post at the top of Thousand Needles is always fun, too (in fact, Thunder Bluff is great for that sense of height as well). So where's your favorite settlement in the whole world (of Warcraft)?

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