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Dennis Kucinich opens up shop in Second Life

Justin McElroy

We don't typically get political here on Joystiq, but there's something we've just got to say: Dennis Kucinich is exactly like Billy Joel. (And no, it's not just that he married someone far more attractive than himself.) If you get a group sitting around a table and one mentions that he likes Billy Joel, slowly the whole table will start to open up, going from "Yeah, 'River of Dreams' was pretty good" to "Actually, I celebrate the guy's entire canon." That's what Kucinich is like for Democrats: They secretly love him, but you know they're going to go for the safe pick like Clinton or Obama. Or, to continue our earlier analogy, Bob Dylan.

Perhaps that's why Dennis Kucinich opening up shop in the real world's digital consolation prize, Second Life, makes so much sense. Perhaps avatars will be able to express their true feelings, letting Kucinich supporters really fly their flags. Who knows? Maybe it could translate to him opening up a gap, getting the nomination and taking the presidency. ... Well, president of Second Life. But you've got to start somewhere.

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