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Scaler intros Teleglass T4-N video glasses


It looks like Scaler has found a bit of room for improvement in its Teleglass T4 video-playin' shades, with the company now offering a new "limited edition" T4-N model. These ones boast a 640 x 480 resolution and, like before, promise to give the effect of watching a 45-inch display from six feet away. As you can see, the shades have also been given a few cosmetic refinements, although we're guessing it'll still take a certain sort of fearless individual to rock these in public. Those that think they can pull it off will have to act fast, however, as only 500 of shades are being made available for the time being, with them setting you back ¥134,400 (or roughly $1,150) apiece.

[Via Pink Tentacle]

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