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Report shows HDTV owners happy with PQ, unhappy with content

Steven Kim

A recent report by Nielsen concludes that while HDTV owners find the picture quality stunning, the amount of programming is less compelling. Check out some numbers: a whopping 85% of HDTV owners rated the picture quality of HD programming as "excellent" or "above average," but only 39% had the same feeling about the amount or selection of HD programming. The survey also shows that HDTV owners are hungry for more content and ready to pay (hear that, content and service providers?): almost 20% watch more TV than before getting an HD set, with more than 33% signed up for at least one premium channel. As industry decision makers look at these results, we're hoping that they take the hint and get some more HD goodness to the willing-to-pay audience. The numbers suggest what we've said before: stretch-o-vision isn't fooling anyone.

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