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Wii wins the Amazon Wedding registry war

Eric Caoili

As a newlywed myself -- I traded power rings with my wife just last week -- I'm kicking myself over having not set up one of these Amazon wedding registries, filling our wish list to the topmost edges of the brim with niche games and controller geegaws. I could be playing Bust-A-Move Bash! right now, were it not for my shortsightedness.

Other couples with similar misplaced priorities, however, made sure to include Nintendo's much-hyped console on their lists, as Amazon charted the Wii as the number one most-registered-for item by engaged pairs. Pyrex's 10-piece tupperware set, long-criticized for its flimsy implementation of motion controls and lack of AAA titles, was a distant second.

Sony's 60GB Playstation 3 came in at a respectful 44th place, while the 20GB Xbox 360 managed to sneak in as the 96th most-registered-for product. As for Wii accessories, the remote (15), nunchuk (26), and Nyko's charging station (76) all made an appearance on the top 100 list. OXO's locking tongs -- which aren't technically a remote peripheral, but could be used as one anyway -- sit at the 35 marker.

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