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Xbox 360 gets left on stove, melts, still works

Kevin Kelly

Though you'd probably expect the – ahem –ring in the side of this console to have been caused by an overheating Xbox, in a surprising turn of events, it was actually caused by, well ... idiocy. In his own words, "Well the ethernet cord we had to connect the 360s was too short, so we moved a 360 from standing up next to the TV to laying on its side on the stove." Yeah, on the stove that you cook with, so it's hard to be surprised when someone smelled melting plastic and then "whammo", melted gaming deluxe, without cheese.

You'd expect this to turn into a sob story about how this band of gamers was plum outta luck with one console down, but ... the thing still works. We're not sure how considering this is the same console that melts down without the assistance of open flames, though we're guessing that hole in the side just gives it plenty of extra air.

Anyhow, Engadget has more deets and pix, check it out and remember to keep your consoles out of the kitchen, even if you're playing Cooking Mama.

[Thanks, Ty]

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