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Samsung shows AT&T's lowly SGH-a127

Chris Ziegler

We're not going to pretend to show even the slightest hint of excitement over this one -- but be that as it may, you've gotta respect that it does have a demographic ready and willing to buy (or, at least, get one free on contract). A Samsung web page devoted to the SGH-a127 reveals that data tops out at GPRS -- yes, that's right, no EDGE -- the camera offers up nothing more than VGA resolution, and the 160 x 128 internal color and 96 x 96 external black and white displays aren't about to wow anyone. In fact, there isn't even any Bluetooth, so you'll need to use the speakerphone if you want to take the handset away from your ear. We're sorry, this is 2007, isn't it? According to our latest AT&T intel, we should've seen this one on the 4th, so we imagine it'll start to show up (with minimal fanfare) any day now.

[Via phoneArena]

Update: The a127's apparently already showing up in retail locations (prepaid only, no surprise) for $80. Don't all run down to the AT&T store at once now!

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