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Alcatel-Lucent fights back, says it still has big share of AT&T's 3G buildout

Chris Ziegler

Who knew there could be so much drama behind the scenes of the telecom infrastructure biz? The value of AT&T's original 3G buildout contracts totaled a staggering $2 billion, split three ways among the industry's heavyweights: $900 million to Ericsson, $700 million to Alcatel (now Alcatel-Lucent), and $400 million to Siemens (now Nokia Siemens). Obviously, it's a lucrative contract -- a contract that none of the signed parties would like to lose. A recent Financial Times report alleged that Ericsson had somehow managed to elbow its way past 50 percent of the total contract value, though, leaving the other two to fight over the scraps. The news left Alcatel-Lucent stock in the lurch -- a stock that has lost well over 30 percent since the start of the year -- so the company's fighting back, saying that it continues "to be a critical W-CDMA supplier to AT&T." Notice the lack of a quantifiable rebuttal there? It goes on to spout off about the fact that its "market share" has remained stable, even though that's really neither here nor there in the discussion about AT&T's contract specifically. We don't blame you for trying to save face, guys, but stay on point, will ya?

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