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Jasper to replace Falcon tech next year

Dustin Burg

Dean Takahashi over at The Mercury News blog is reporting that Microsoft already has plans in place to replace the newly release 65nm CPU Falcon technology in their Xbox 360s and it's called Jasper.

Jasper is the codename for the newest of the new Xbox 360 motherboard technology that is scheduled to release next year in August 2008 and will incorporate not only Falcon's 65nm CPU tech, but will also sport a smaller 65nm GPU and smaller memory chips. This Jasper revision will further increase the reliability of the Xbox 360 hardware, further bring down the manufacturing costs and further the Xbox 360's longevity in the marketplace. Our only question to Microsoft is why not bring out Jasper sooner? Don't get us wrong, the Falcon technology is good times, but now we want Jasper. Bring on the Jasper!

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