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Is Garmin prepping a GPS mouse? Answer... no


It seemed like the Deluo GPS-in-a-mouse combo was going to be a one-off deal, but our attitude is changing thanks to a recent discovery at the FCC. According to the agency's reports, GPS navigation mainstay Garmin is planning on producing a wireless mouse, and while the existence of a GPS receiver in the peripheral isn't clear, we'd have to assume that given the company's past, they're probably not just knocking out a regular old AA-battery-powered mouse to boost profits. Does this mean we'll be seeing a wave of mouse / GPS match-ups, and does the combination make any sense? What do you -- the clever, good-looking, and infinitely talented reader -- think about it?

Update: Thanks to a helpful reader, we've unraveled the mystery of this Garmin device, which appears to be this RF wireless mouse (or some variant of it), used to control the company's marine navigators... now, on to finding out who's really behind the JFK assassination.

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