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New Zealand Story, Bubble Bobble headed to U.S. in early 2008


Ignition Entertainment just announced a deal with Marvelous Interactive through which Ignition will be publishing some of their remade arcade classics. The first DS games to benefit from this arrangement are the remade Taito hits Bubble Bobble: Double Shot and New Zealand Story Revolution, which will come out early next year.

We could have sworn that both of these games were already out, but it turns out that a) they've been out in Europe and Japan for quite some time, which confused us a bit, and b) we were conflating the two titles with Bubble Bobble Revolution, which obviously contains elements of both new games' titles and had a rather ignominious release last year.

Because they've been out across the pond, there's been time for the European press to register their opinions. And, while we shouldn't expect broken cartridges, it doesn't look like there's too much good to expect here either. Spencer Yip namechecked New Zealand Story yesterday as an uninspired and uninspiring remake in our roundtable.

But we admit that we still want to give New Zealand Story Revolution a chance when it comes out. It was such a great NES game! We're remaining optimistic that we'll be able to extract enjoyment from the game.

[Via press release]

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