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Sessler says quit hating on Halo 3 already

Dustin Burg

G4's outspoken and somewhat controversial Adam Sessler is standing on his Sessler Soapbox again, this time defending Halo 3 against all the haters. And yes we were just as surprised as you, but it's fact ... there are Halo 3 haters out there. What a crazy world we live in.

Anyhoo, per the video embedded above, Sessler talks about the greatness that is Halo 3, why it is so damn fun and why the haters of the world should pretty much much quit their hating ways and lay off Halo 3 because of its popularity. And to be fair, he even says that it isn't the best game out there or even game of the year caliber (which we whole-heartily dispute), but it's a great gaming experience no matter how you cut it. So, if you know someone or are one who hates on Halo 3 for no particular reason other than your sad, jealous rage then take Adam Sessler's advice and shove your ... well, we'll let you watch the video for yourself. More gravy please!

[Via 1P Start]

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