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What's Motorola planning for AT&T?

Chris Ziegler

Alright, as far as AT&T goes, we know what LG's got in the pipe, Samsung has a new handset out seemingly every few minutes, Sony Ericsson's mostly missing in action as usual, and Nokia fans are better off hitting up the flagship stores at the moment. What's up with Moto, then? Glad you asked! We've heard a few rumors flying around that seem newsworthy enough to pass on. First and foremost, everyone and their grandmother seems to be waiting on the launch of the Q9 Global, and it looks like AT&T is now targeting late November to launch that bad boy (seriously, can some carrier please just launch a hot handset on time for once?). Within 60 days of said launch, it'll add BlackBerry Connect support, a feature the Tilt currently enjoys. Meanwhile over in dumbphone land, the V9 can expect a hardware refresh early next year to add GPS and a second camera for Video Share capability. The V3xx is still kicking around, too, and it looks like the gold version will be phased out in favor of "lavender" in the next few months. Wondering why AT&T never picked up the RIZR Z3? Turns out it passed on the phone (too much like the RAZR, perhaps?) in favor of a much hotter model -- we don't know which model yet, exactly, but we can expect it in the first quarter of '08. Finally, Motorola's self-admitted king of signal strength, the v365, should be replaced with a new model that features an external antenna. Unfortunate, yeah, but when "more bars in more places" is priority one, it should be a solid option.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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