LG Shine, Prada coming to AT&T as Vu, Vu2?

If the iPhone is AT&T's cake, its own version of the LG Prada may very well be the icing. Gizmodo has scored shots of what appears to be LG's high-end, touchable superphone running AT&T firmware that's clearly been tweaked for the better from the original KE850 (better web browser, please!). Don't expect to stuff stockings with this one, though -- despite earlier rumors that it might squeeze in by December, we're hearing that AT&T and LG are targeting a Q1 '08 release for the device, apparently called the "Vu2." If there's a Vu2, there's gotta be a Vu, right? Indeed, it turns out that AT&T's Shine will bear the moniker when it gets released. The carrier had originally targeted September for the Vu, but that obviously didn't happen; word on the street is that they're back in the labs tweaking the user interface as we speak and we haven't heard when a launch might actually go down. Both phones offer 3G, of course -- so between the Vu's nav stick and the Vu2's expansive touchscreen, we've got a couple of unique offerings on our hands here. Strong work picking these up, AT&T!

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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