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Motorola buys into UIQ

Chris Ziegler

Nokia and Sony Ericsson are typically considered Symbian's two patron saints, but little ol' Motorola's got skin in the game too with the Z8 in the marketplace and the Z10 just around the corner. Moto's been warming up to UIQ, the Symbian shell favored by Sony Ericsson -- problem is, Sony Ericsson owns 100 percent of the platform company, which we presume makes for some awkward conversations between UIQ and Moto about the manufacturer's future products (seriously, would you want to share your most closely guarded secrets with a competitor's division?). It's all good, though: Moto's agreed to take 50 percent of UIQ off Sony Ericsson's hands, with both companies saying that they'll be working together in the future to push UIQ and its development platform. Of course, Motorola's commitment to Windows Mobile still seems plenty strong, but we're all for smartphone diversity.

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