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Rogers brings HSPA to 22 Canadian markets

Chris Ziegler

Just about a year after its initial, extremely limited rollout in Ontario and a few months of soft launching across the lands, Rogers has announced that the switch has now officially been flipped on its HSPA hardware in a solid 22 Canadian markets. Cities fortunate enough to make the cut include Vancouver, Winnipeg, Regina, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City among a smattering of others. The carrier's official branding for its 3G services is "Vision" -- a curious homage to Sprint's EV-DO network in the US -- though Rogers gets the crown for the cool factor here thanks to its true video calling capability, the only carrier in North America to offer the feature (ahem, AT&T?). Given the fact that Rogers is careful to call the network "HSPA" (as opposed to "HSDPA") we imagine high-speed uploads are in the cards, too. Bonus!

[Via the::unwired]

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