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Fun with the Gnome goggles, and a request

Mike Schramm

So here's the thing. We've posted about these Brewfest goggles that 00hshiny is wearing above before-- they were purchasable during Brewfest (although, I just went by Org this morning, and the Brewfest ticket guy was still standing all by his lonesome outside the city, even though the Brewfest celebration had moved on), and when you wear them, you see everyone in the game as either Female Orcs (the Horde version) or little Gnomes, as in the picture above (Alliance version). And we've already seen the goggles used to hilarious effect.

But if you've been listening to the podcast, you'll know that there's one thing I haven't seen yet, and that I can't wait to see it. Someone, somewhere, please wear the Gnome goggles, and go down Illidan. I'm a Horde player, so I just can't do it, but surely there's some Alliance player out there who had some Brewfest fun in between raiding the Black Temple, and surely they can take the goggles on an Illidan run, and record the hilarious video results. I don't know what I can put on this for a bounty, but you tell me-- prizes? A promise to write about something of your choice on the blog? A callout on the podcast? Someone please go to see Illidan with the Gnome goggles on, and send us the FRAPS of it-- I'm just not prepared for how incredibly awesome that would be.

Update: Aww, that's a bummer. Looks like Illidan don't play that game, homey. Looks like the dream is lost forever. Oh well. Thanks anyway, so2!

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