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Two Bosses Enter: Princess Huhuran vs. Magtheridon


Two bosses enter... but only one will get to leave in WoW Insider's own fantasy deathmatch series. We've picked 32 of the most dangerous and most interesting bosses in the World of Warcraft and we're now pitting them against each other, one by one, until we come up with an ultimate winner. (For our current standings, check here.) And the best part of the entire affair? After we cover what each of these bosses can do, we leave it to you to pick a winner!

This week we're setting Ahn'Qiraj's Princess Huhuran against the Pit Lord Magtheridon. Want to tell us who would win and who would lose? Keep reading for the details!

From a player's perspective, Princess Huhuran is an annoying resistance-based fight. But just having a high enough nature resistance won't win this one for you -- beyond her nature damage, she can also deal immense amounts of melee damage, especially when in Frenzy or Berserk. Her abilities are as follows:
  • Frenzy: greatly increases melee damage.
  • Poison Bolt: high nature damage to the closest 15 targets, only happens when in Frenzy or Berserk.
  • Noxious Poison: high nature damage DoT which silences the target. Cast on a target at random.
  • Wyvern Sting: AoE sleep that deals nature damage if cleansed.
  • Acid Spit: low damage nature DoT on Huhuran's primary target -- but it stacks.
  • Berserk: at 30% health, Huhuran will Berserk, greatly increasing her attack speed and causing her to send out Poison Bolts.
Once Huhuran hits 30%, it's a fight against time for a raid, which usually has to burn every trinket and cooldown to bring Huhuran down before the increased damage causes a wipe. But whether the damage will phase Magtheridon I can't say...

For Magtheridon's part, we're considering Magtheridon alone and in a neutral battleground -- without the additional mobs you'd see in his lair or the terrain issues you would have there. He deals heavy melee damage and fire damage, but if we take adds out of the question, it''s a pretty straightforward encounter:
  • Quake: a one-a-second knockback that lasts 7 seconds.
  • Blast Nova: a high fire damage DoT.
  • Cleave: a frontal AoE melee attack.
So does Huhuran's nature damage take Magtheridon out before Magtheridon's fire damage burns Huhuran to a crisp? It's time for you to tell us. But before you do, please remember -- we're considering these bosses to be of approximately equal strength (so Magtheridon, who's higher level, doesn't just win by default) and fighting on neutral territory, without adds.


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