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Japanese hardware sales, Oct. 8 - Oct. 14: [title] edition


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Analysis -- mention DS Phat and GBA being dropped from chart by Media Create. Xbox 360 sales increase due to Project Gotham Racing 4 release (at #25 in software chart)?

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Oh God, is this really the 61st sales post? How did life go so horribly wrong that I spend my Friday evenings calculating and commenting on inane statistics from a foreign country? And people keep expecting these to be "entertaining." Can't take the pressure anymore. Will kill Self tomorrow. Then, will kill self.

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- DS Lite: 78,746 8,699 (9.95%)
- PSP: 59,584 27,311 (31.43%)
- Wii: 20,575 129 (0.62%)
- PS3: 12,365 1,543 (14.26%)
- PS2: 10,181 265 (2.54%)
- Xbox 360: 6,161 4,614 (298.25%)
- GBA SP: 127 68 (34.87%)
- Gamecube: 79 30 (27.52%)
- Game Boy Micro: 60 13 (27.66%)
- DS Phat: ???
- GBA: ???

[Source: Media Create]

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