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Keep iPhone clean with iPhone Fingers


Wait, this is a joke, right? Our friends at Engadget reported on this crazy product with plenty of snark, but no actual "haha we're kidding this isn't really real" hints. So is it true? Can you really buy black latex "fingers" to keep from getting smudges on your iPhone? And if so, what's up with the weird ending to the video above? It starts off with Love Actually and ends in CSI.

Personally, I'm calling shenanigans on the whole thing-- I've been using my iPhone for about a week now, and while my old Razr was covered in smudges and splotches by this point, the glass on my iPhone's front is clean as a whistle. A really clean whistle. Oh sure, there have been smudges-- nobody's perfect. But anything I've seen on there has been easy enough to wipe off with just a smooth cloth. It's impressive, really.

Still, if you can't be too careful (and if these aren't fake, which I'm not convinced of), you can get 25 of them-- in small, medium, large, and Wozniak-- for just €9.90, or for €3, they'll send you five to try out. Because sometimes, even the iPhone needs "protection."

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