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New hunter pets coming with Patch 2.3

Amanda Rivera

There is a lot of exciting new content coming to us via Patch 2.3, and with said content comes new mobs, new monsters, and now we hear tell of new hunter pets. The one I'm most excited about is the level 70 elite Amani Bear in Zul'Aman that has the same model as the bear mount, or at least looks pretty darn close. People are already leading this awesome beast around the PTR, and we can expect plenty of them to roam Outland and Azeroth when the patch finally arrives since now we finally have a level 70 bear to tame. Zul'Aman also offers a couple tamable level 70 non-elite pets, including a couple lynxes and a crocolisk.

For those of us with hunters that aren't quite up to max level as of yet -- and I include myself here -- there is good news in store as well. There are several new pets available in Dustwallow Marsh, namely the Noxious breed of windserpents. With a level range of between 35 and 39, these would make great pets for those preferring the melee hunter role (there are more than one of these out there, right?)

I am sorry to tell you that there have been a couple untamable models added to the game, including an Orange Dragonhawk and a lovely brown Amani Eagle. Let's hope that Blizzard changes their mind about that bird in the future, because I know of a couple of people that would love to have one.

For a complete list of the new Patch 2.3 pets, check out the Mania's Arcania page here.

[via Mania's Arcania]

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