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Rumor: BioWare's mystery MMO based on KOTOR


That's the 2003 role-playing game and not the town in Montenegro, mind you. While an MMO based on the beautiful coastal establishment of Kotor would indeed be a unique and thoroughly refreshing prospect, we don't fancy its chances against World of Warcraft. The Star Wars brand and universe, however, might fare better -- as long as it's not Galaxies. Instead, it'll be Knights of the Old Republic, according to Primotech.

Citing a "source close to BioWare," Alex Petraglia reports that BioWare's mystery MMO -- due in 2009 and reliant on Streambase technology -- will be set in the universe established by the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of role-playing games. The first was developed by BioWare, while the second arrived courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment. The first title especially was hailed for its engaging plot, substantial characterization and general hostility towards organic meatbags. In other words, an exemplary single-player experience.

An important question then (besides "Is this for real?"), is "How do you translate that to an MMO?" The cynical answer, of course, is "You don't. You make World of Warcraft with lightsabers." More questions are raised when considering EA's recent acquisition of BioWare -- would that not create some publishing intricacies for a game only expected in 2009? The central group in such a deal would be LucasArts, but alas, "LucasArts doesn't comment on rumors or speculation." Oh, but you can, dear reader.

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