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Turok gets rebirthed with launch of developer blog

Dustin Burg

The dinosaur infested, bloody mess, survival game known as Turok will be releasing early next year to the 360 and what better way to connect to the gaming community (and play the marketing card) than with the launch of a new developer blog? And that's exactly what the crew over at Propaganda Games just did, making their first blog entry into their official IGN sponsored Turok / Propaganda Games blog.

In their most recent entry, they talk about the history of the Turok franchise, how they got involved with the game and tell of the basic storyline. Be sure to note that the new Turok has no relation to the story presented in the previous games, it's what the industry calls starting on a clean slate. So, if you're looking forward to dinosaur killing next year, be sure to bookmark the new Turok blog for upcoming interviews, dev talk and other random dinosaur bits in the weeks to come. All we're hoping for is a glimpse at a triceratops. We love triceratops'.

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