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New Forza 2 racing turf releasing this Friday [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: Gamespot revealed that the new track is Twin Ring Motegi and will cost a painful 600 Microsoft points (ouch!). Screenshots, Q&A and video available here.

Mentioned in their latest Pitpass Report, developer Turn 10 confirmed that this Friday, October 26th a new Forza Motorsport 2 race track will be ready for download off of the XBLM (pending any Microsoft cert delays). We believe that the new track will be free, but not much is known about it as no name or screenshots have release. But Turn 10 did hint that today one lucky website will be exclusively revealing all the track's details. So, we'll keep one eye on the web, one eye on the Marketplace and a third borrowed eye on the road, because we have new DLC coming to Forza 2.

[Thanks, Tony]

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